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We offer innovative plasma fibroblast (plasma pen skin tightening), skin needling (mesotherapy) and facial treatments customised to suit you and your lifestyle. 

With a simple, results driven approach to your skin needs we have refined our treatments to be those that you need and nothing more. 100% honest and ethical and vegan skin advice tailored just for you. No fluff. No frills… just great skin treatments based on current information to address your skin condition and concerns.  

Non surgical, non invasive Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening treatments using Plasma Pen are our simple, cost friendly and thoroughly effective way to treat ageing, give skin areas a lift, treat wrinkles and skin bags.

More intensive, activating and restorative skin needling treatments are magic for many skin conditions, pigmentation and as an anti-ageing treatment. 

We have a combination of restorative and hydrating and soothing and refreshing facial treatments, which are customised to your skin needs and to suit you and your lifestyle.


Read below for more information about all our skin treatments, together with the skincare products we use to treat you and that you can take home.


Suits most skin types.

A new alternative to surgery or Botox – Plasma fibroblast treatments are effective in tightening targeted areas of skin. It is an innovative, non-surgical lift procedure that shrinks excess skin bags and wrinkles on face, neck and body. This can be a simple enhancement or stunning transformation. The inflammatory response stimulates collagen production which results in smoother, younger rejuvenated skin and tighter tissues between wrinkles.

Fibroblast is used for the following applications:

• Eyelid lifting (blepharoplasty)
• Crows feet
• Forehead wrinkles
• Upper lip creases
• Nasolabial folds (the crease from the nostril to the corner of the mouth)
• Under eye bags
• Pore reduction
• Skin tag removal
• Spot removal
• Treatment of appearance of scars
• Excess stomach skin (after pregnancy or weight loss)
• Upper arm skin
• Tighten neck skin (jowl line)

What to expect

As the treatment progresses over your chosen area you may feel mild zaps as the plasma arcs from the applicator tip to the skin. The treatment length varies based on the area treated.

Following the treatment, you can expect swelling, redness and small brown spots known as carbon crusts. These will scab over the next few days with the scabs expected to fall off by day 7. It is imperative that you follow the provided aftercare protocol and do not pick at the carbon crusts

For all skin types.

This advanced, skin perfecting treatment delivers the highest-calibre collagen induction therapy to improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles and fine lines while also softening scarring and the appearance of pores. A quick and painless process with minimal downtime.


• Kickstarts collagen for anti-ageing
• Exfoliates to refine skin texture
• Improves topical product absorption
• Regulates pigmentation
• Reduced appearance of pores, scar tissue, and stretch marks
• Improves the appearance of rosacea
• Boosts the growth of stronger and thicker hair (when used on the scalp and along hair line)
• Fast, safe and comfortable treatment
• Minimal downtime, speedy recovery
• Chemical free treatment for all skin types 


For optimal results, we recommend a course of 4-8 treatments (depending on the area being targeted) to be performed at 6-8 week intervals. We can recommend a treatment plan that will deliver the best results for your skin.

Recovery and aftercare:

Skin recovers quickly with minimal downtime. Immediately after treatment, it may appear temporarily reddened, similar to that of a mild sunburn. Some clients have reported that the skin remains red and slightly swollen for 2-4 days. There will be no visible scabbing or lesions.

To support your skin post treatment, we can recommend an after care pack suited to your needs, which will  to encourage the healing and regeneration process at home.

For all skin types.

A powerful, ethical and luxurious treatment with a focus on reducing inflammation in the skin – the root cause of many skin concerns.


• Improves Micro Circulation + Collagen production
• Aids Lymphatic Drainage 
• Stimulates Cells
• Promotes Toxin Removal / Draws out Impurities
• Relaxes muscles + Skin
• Increases product absorption

Targeted Skin Concerns:

• Ageing
• Redness 
• Sensitivity
• Dryness
• Acne
• Pigmentation
• Wrinkles
• Fine Lines 
• Oiliness
• Refine Pores
• Laxity
• Brightening

Suits most skin types.

Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis with little to no down time. An enzyme mask is massaged into the skin to further exfoliate and deeply hydrate. A great treatment to get your glow on before the weekend or an event.

Benefits & Results:

  • Evens skin tone
  • Minimises open pores
  • Retexturizes for softer, smoother skin
  • Clears congestion for improved skin clarity
  • Revives natural radiance
  • Skincare ingredients are more easily absorbed after microdermabrasion

Not suitable for the following:

• Thin skin
• Skin with broken capillaries
• Sun burnt or severley sun damaged skin
• Crepey skin

Suitable for all skin types.

30min Custom Peel. A Micro exfoliating treatment customised and designed to soothe, hydrate and micro exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skins. Great for all skin types with little down time.

Suits most skin types.

Customised facial suited to your needs using our cosmeceutical or organic products. After a consult with your therapist, this facial can include Micro / Peels / Enzyme Treatment / Skin Wand Therapy / Hydrating or Clay Mask. 

For those who take their product choices seriously. A professional 30 minute skincare consultation is provided with the $60 appointment fee redeemable in product on the day.

If you have skin concerns and are not sure of the direction you should take book in for this consult – we will assess your skin and go through a range of treatment options and at home care. If we do not have the treatment for you we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Advice is not medical in nature, for any serious concerns please refer to your GP.

We have carefully selected and curated our skin care range to give you simple solutions for your skin that are 100% effective and easy to use, with limited cost to you and our environment.  

Dermalist – Focused on science, conscience and beauty. Dermalist is unlike anything you have tried before. It’s powerful, ethical and luxurious with a focus on reducing inflammation in the skin – the root cause of many skin concern including premature ageing, redness, pigmentation & acne. Check out the range here.

Skinstitut Skincare – Inspired by the latest cosmetic technology, active ingredients and professional skin treatments. Skinstitut create products that create change using the very best quality cosmeceutical ingredients, advanced delivery systems and clean, cruelty-free formulations that sync with the skin to deliver transformative results. Skinstitut is high-performance cosmeceutical skincare that is also affordable. Each product is $49 or less. Check out the range here.

Skincare, Skin Needling & Facial Treatments Coolangatta
Skincare, Skin Needling & Facial Treatments Coolangatta


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